RUSSIA 10 Richest men according to Forbes

Of stories about " Scrooge "of the planet, here on Smartweek, we have told many. Because let's face it, the convenient and comfortable life of the characters at the top of the social ladder in the world fascinates us and enticed. They say that money does not make happiness and it is certainly true, although it is much more difficult to imagine a happy life in poverty than the reverse. Not for this, however, we have pitted the dizzying numbers that characterize the assets of these characters. We did a little 'because the same often in positions that dominate the scene in terms of information, a little' because some salient feature of their background is very bizarre or very deserving. In both cases, we were impressed. Moving this time in Russia , there is a galaxy of tycoons and oligarchs , large or small, who sit on significant treasures. Explains Forbes , who has just released the latest ranking accordingly. Then we go to see who are the richest people to live in the greatest country in the world.

10. Mikhail Prokhorov

The owner of the group Onexim has assets estimated at $ 9.9 billion.

9. Gennady Timchenko

The owner of the investment group Volga Group holds assets amounting to 10.7 billion dollars.

8. Vladimir Lisin

Undisputed king Steel Russian tycoon counts of assets amounting to 11.6 billion dollars.

7. Leonid Michelson

At the head of the energy company Novatek, Mikhelson holds a total wealth of $ 11.7 billion.

6. Vagit Alekperov

President of oil company Lukoil, count on a wealth of 12.2 billion.

5. Alekesei Mordashov

And 'general director of Severstal, one of the largest steel group in the world, and includes a wealth of 13 billion dollars.

4. Viktor Vekselberg

Co-owner of the investment group Renova, Vekselberg has a wealth estimated at 14.2 billion dollars.

3. Alisher Usmanov

Founder of the group diversified USM, shareholder of Arsenal, 61 Usmanov holds a wealth of 14.4 billion dollars.

2. Mikhail Fridman

And 'co-owner of Alfa Group, a multinational company with interests in various fields. It has a wealth of 14.6 billion dollars.

1. Vladimir Potanin

54, is universally considered the king of the world's nickel, which controls thanks to its Norilsk Nikel. Holds an actual assets amounted to 15.4 billion, more grade of two billion dollars over last year.
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