TOP 10 countries where it is easier to do Business

While the United States have definitely passed the economic crisis and travel on growth figures encouraging, the eurozone struggling in the second half and indeed seems to be very diverse in this regard, with the Nordic countries to tow all others. Still pretty hard times, it seems. At least for a while. The unemployment definitely bites, more than anywhere else in Italy. That is seriously troubling. In fact, young people facing the world of work they do still among many unknowns and very little certainty on what will be their career and their future. It remains to play a card, though: Open a, create a task from scratch, build business start-up and virtuous network. Because if there's one thing that we are missing that is creativity and desire to be fulfilled. Even here, though, the differences between countries are rather marked. An entrepreneur already knows that in Italy at the start will be ahead many more obstacles, often bureaucraticstyle, before arriving at a constant affirmation of their business. It is a matter of facilities, of foresight on the part of Governments. Substantial efforts, too. Why break deadlock chains and maladministration requires time and MONEY. So here's how it becomes important to have clear where and why it's best to do business. Where is easier and where not. Hoping that in the future, too, there can be a real regulatory harmonisation at Community level. In the meantime, here's the complete list compiled every year by the TMF Group and Complexity-based Benchmark Index, of the countries where it is easier to do business in the world. The pillars around which winds the search obviously take account of the legal system of the countries politically and economically , and even risk of cybersecurity.

10. New Zealand
Start a business in New Zealand usually requires less than a day, against an OECD average of about nine days ago. Source: World Bank

9. Barbados
Known more for its fabulous beaches and the crystal clear sea, Barbados also presents itself as an important trading centre and international exchange. Among the advantages, the political stability and the same time of the u.s. East Coast. Source: Us government

8. United Kingdom
Britain enjoys a strategic location between the countries of the European Union but outside the eurozone (and related problems). The capital, London, is by far the most important centre for the currency market in the world. Its richness lies in being able to attract international firms like no other country can do.

7. Guernsey
Guernsey is a small island in the English channel. Technically a possession of the Crown but is not part of the United Kingdom. It has long been a haven for large international enterprises because it does not have capital taxes, taxes on capital gains or on sales. Source: Pkf

6. Australia
Sydney Like many other former British colonies Australia also enjoys special legislation frame tied to the common law. Over the past 10 years has more than halved the taxation on imports and has one of the lowest corporate taxation of the OECD countries.

5. Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is part of the United States but in reality is a completely different system of taxation. For example, is governed by American law regarding private property and protection, though certain activities have a preferential taxation that oscillates between zero and one percent. Source: Puerto Rico Department of economic development and commerce

4. Bonaire
Another Caribbean paradise Bonaire is land owned by the Dutch state. In 2001 he made a revision of its tax policies to companies to remove the image of tax haven. In fact even today many companies are benefiting from offshore schemes thanks to preferential agreements. Source: Pwc

3. Ireland
The Ireland is almost an exception among Eu countries because of its relatively low fees. Foreign investors know well and use as a landing place for the euro area. Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook and PayPal all have their offices in Dublin, where qualifying for a tax on profits of 25%. The OECD average is 41%. Source: World Bank

2. Hong Kong
Hong Kong, as well as other countries in this list, it is part of a country (China) but sets as any other stand-alone State tax policy. For example, is considered to be the best country in the world for ease of starting construction work. Source: World Bank

1. Jersey
Jersey is the largest of the British channel, as well as a possession of the English Crown too. Above all, it is the tax haven for excellence. There is no value added tax, as well as those of the company are possibly near zero. This led, in time, international firms achieving Jersey, to the point that now four-fifths of the local economy are derived from the offshore finance sector. Source: Startup overseas
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