Top 15 Best Facebook Status Quotes

What are the best aphorisms sentences to be published on your wall facebook? Here are the 15 best status facebook that we have selected for you.

Often we find ourselves in front of Facebook effect sentences and aphorisms that affect us and in these cases it is impossible not to like. But what are the best Facebook status ? Those that attract comments and I like , those of you falls to force the eye and you can not help but read. Taking a cue from the classification of wikiwar blogs and advice exchanged between users of the social web, today we reveal the best Facebook status ever .

"Nobody can see your tears, no one notices your sadness, no one notices your pain but everyone notices your mistakes"
"A wedding ring is not enough if you have no faith in the heart"
"And 'necessary at times that the music volume exceeds the noise of thoughts"
"Who wants to see the rainbow must learn to love the rain"
"There is a legend that if you can not sleep at night because you're awake in the dream of someone else"
"If you're so brave to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello"
"He had eyes only for you, but you looked the other way"
"If you want to understand a person does not listen to his words, keep his behavior"
"I will destroy, but then, once torn to pieces, I will again need you to return entire"
"If you love a flower, do not pick it up, because if you collect it dies and ceases to be what you loved, if you love a flower let him live. Love is not possess. Love is knowing appreciate "
"Some pain, certain emotions, can understand only those who have experienced"
"Do not damn the soul to understand others, who wants to be clear it is"
"You also have preferred to miss me, because maybe you beside me was an effort"
"Treat as you are treated that is never wrong"
"Those who criticize you are the ones you want different, because they see in you what they will never"

You find some phrase fits your Facebook status in our ranking?
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