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Top 5 Famous Romatic Images Of Lovers Kissing

Zak Ben - Friday, August 29, 2014

One of the most successful articles that we have written in the first weeks of life of this site was to was the most famous kissing pictures of the twentieth century, an article which we advise you to reread (or read for the first time) because passed from the famous Times Square Kiss between a sailor and a nurse immortalized by Alfred Eisenstaedt, who ended up becoming the subject of many statuesin Italy , as elsewhere – the Parisian Robert Doisneau, until the most recent examples. Five selected photos were mainly based on the image and reputation of the authors, that picture seems to say, have entered the collective imagination; but images of lovers kissing there are, in the history of photography, galore, many of them well-made, significant, inspired. Some of these, then, hide behind the image, a story, a relationship and a love that, we think, it is worth telling. That's why we decided to make a sequel to that first article today, suggesting five other famous images of lovers kissing.

Top 10 Future Chinese Leader

Zak Ben - Friday, August 29, 2014
If the 20th century has been marked by American power, the 21st century will be of Chinese power. After intensive research the World Bank stated that the money is in the hands of the emerging countries, such as China, where a new class of super rich is ready to invest abroad, and the results you see. It is not only an economic issue, because the Chinese artistic minds are ready to spread their creations worldwide. The Beijing cinema in recent years has won the critic's opinion and novels, of course, Made in China, can become the next bestseller. Also in the field of social sciences, State-of-the-art teachers defy the Government by proposing ideas to improve the social well-being of China.

In the new landscape of China, women, become leaders, creating brand names known worldwide. This ranking lists the 10 Chinese personalities that could become international leaders!

10. Pony Ma

Best 5 Fast and Easy Ways to Grow Taller Naturally

Zak Ben - Thursday, August 28, 2014
Are you desperate with your current height? Are you wanto to grow taller fast in Weeks? Don't let that be a burden for you anymore. Grow in height is possible and is not difficult. You only need a persistent mindset, strong faith to final destination and dedicated actions. Research has shown that taller people tend to be more successful in their relationship and employment. Be taller can be said as an unwritten requirement to success formula. So, don't give up and begin to increase his lead now!

In this article you will find some basic tips to grow taller fast naturally, that is completely guarantee of harmful side effects:

Top Best 5 Tips Fast and Easy Ways to Grow Taller Naturally 

5 Best Video Game 2 World War Strategy

Zak Ben - Wednesday, August 27, 2014
The Second World War has always been, at least from the American point of view - one that affects us culturally more - a certain charm: it will be because it was the war that made the United States a superpower and made to assume the role of USA leading nation of the West, displacing Great Britain; it will be because, after the inaction of the trench of the first global conflict, he finally returned to fight and conduct advanced clamorous; will, finally, because there was a clear enemy and very bad, an attacker that for once you could fight without qualms of conscience; will be for one or another reason, but in fact the Second World War has been told to exhaustion in books, movies, cartoons, documentaries and analysis of various types. And, yes, even through video games. But who knew how to do it better? Who created the best video game set during World War II? Let's find out together.

Modern 20 Best Design Buildings to see before you die

Zak Ben - Wednesday, August 27, 2014
In the area there are architectural wonders of the world, so beautiful and important, which should be seen at least once in their lifetime. For lovers of architecture, this ranking offers a rundown of the  20 buildings , which have become symbols in the history of world design.

These complex buildings, ancient and modern, avant-garde architecture are designed by the greatest architects ever. Each historical period is marked by a respective current style full of charm and technical virtuosity .

The churches Baroque cathedrals and gothic , temples symbols of Asian culture , and the buildings belonging to the ' organic architecture , architectural designs are imitated to this day. Here are the symbol of ancient architecture and modern buildings!

Top 20 Best Design Buildings to see before you die

20. Bradbury Building – Los Angeles

15 Funny pictures taken at the wrong time wrong place

Zak Ben - Monday, August 25, 2014
Here you are 15 photos that will make you realize that maybe it's time to put down the camera, especially in situations so special! Enjoy the show!
Despite the fashion of the moment is that of the much-talked-Ice Bucket Challenge, the Selfie facts with your smartphone or tablet to continue to discuss precisely because they are proposed in the most absurd situations imaginable . Those that we propose today are the most incredible found around the web, and between them you'll see some that will leave no doubt with his mouth open! A firefighter who probably is not doing so good at their job, a man who is likely to be mauled by a bear but it does not surrender its self-timer ...

Even clicking a Selfie during severe turbulence on the plane, thinking it might be the last, is not such a good idea, and the same goes for the guy who is even able to click a Selfie after un'ammaraggio by plane ! Did you know that one in four young shooting a Selfie behind the wheel? It seems that the European country in which happen more often than is Great Britain, while United States is in first place instead. According to research conducted by Ford, including the use of social networks to drive always higher, and this figure is absolutely serious. Please note that clicking a Selfie driving leads to a diversion of 14-20 seconds, and consequently the risk of causing an accident is really high!

Top 5 Amazing Hubble Space Telescope Photos

Zak Ben - Saturday, August 23, 2014
The April 24, 1990, nearly twenty-five years ago, NASA and the European Space Agency launched into orbit around the Earth, a new satellite, the Hubble Space Telescope, which at the beginning was to remain in space until 2014 but whose work was extended at least until 2018, when it should be replaced by the new James Webb Space Telescope, still made by NASA and the European AgencyThis time, with the addition of the Canadian Space Agency. In these twenty-four years the telescope has allowed us to make some of the most important observations ever completed on the celestial sphere, remarks that have allowed scientists to increase our knowledge about the universe and formulate new hypotheses about it: in 1994, for example, it is possible to admire the collision of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 and Jupiter, which allowed him to learn many new things on this planet. a year later, the image named Hubble Deep Field – who then had many sequels-allowed to postulate that the universe on a large scale, is uniform, i.e. reproduce more or less similar views, and that earth does not occupy a privileged position but it's just one of many similar points. Beyond the important scientific discoveries, however, has also allowed the telescope to make extraordinary photographs of the universe, which we have revealed the beauties never even imagine before it can fascinate the experts but even the uninitiated. We have chosen for you five.

Pillars of creation
How are the stars

10 Best Desktop Chair for Home or Office work

Zak Ben - Thursday, August 21, 2014

If you must stay in office for 8 hours or more, it is necessary to choose well his own chair, so you can be comfortable, to work for the best and not be affected by problems in the back and legs. Without doubt, this chair should not be of poor quality , or flaky and much less broken. The chair must then be structured in a way that does not make us take the odd postures , which can cause back pain. For this reason it is good to choose chairs not too cheap, because as we all know the quality will often depend on the price. The chairs cheap break it easily, and also you would assume strange postures, and then in the long run may cause pain. In this guide we will explain to the reader and then how to choose the chair for the office.

One important thing to check when buying a chair for the office is to check the back for good, this should not be too low, because it is essential to support the entire back , especially the lumbar region , which is one that can generate greater pain if your posture is wrong. The height of the chair should also be proportionate, it should not be too high nor too low, otherwise the movement of the legs it could be affected. The ideal is in fact keep your legs slightly bent at the thigh parallel to the floor . It is also good to keep the posture of the arms in a correct way, in fact it is good that these are parallel to the floor, otherwise you must adjust the chair to the correct height so that you do not stressino joints. It is advisable to have a chair with wheels, because it facilitates the movement and makes it more fluid movements. If you have a stable, however, it might be more difficult. The chair must then have at least these features to make your job less stressful and therefore more enjoyable.

Top 10 Best Desktop Chair for Home or Office work
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