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Top 10 Country With Most Thieves

Zak Ben - Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Analytics Gallup has conducted research involving 134 countries worldwide. The result of the survey showed a chart with the eleven areas hit by the highest rate of theft. As expected, the results are not positive for the countries of sub-Saharan Africa. During the search, 14% of adults surveyed said they had stolen something from the past 12 months or have something stolen from a family member.

10 highest paid actresses in Hollywood

Zak Ben - Monday, September 15, 2014
Angelina Jolie is still the queen of the divas. Here are two young cast, Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart

In recent days, it was the men of Hollywood firmament to go under the lens of Forbes . now up instead to dive, to which the business magazine makes the accounts in your pocket. What are the actresses who have earned more in the last year? Although it has recently seen the film and had to deal with the controversial preventive mastectomy, is Angelina Jolie the queen of queens, with $ 33 million. 

10 Best Heavy Metal Band Of All Time

Zak Ben - Friday, September 12, 2014

Looking for a ranking of the greatest heavy metal band of all time? Look at this list ...

Heavy Metal , often simply abbreviated as "Metal", is a genre of rock music born in the early 70s in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Has its roots in blues music and psychedelic rock to deviate much from these genera, characterized above all by the massive sound, the high distortion of the guitars are served with aggressive rhythms and solos, fast and long.

The typical formation of a Metal group is formed by two guitarists (often only one), a drummer, a bassist and a singer.

What is the difference between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal?

5 Best App for writing on photos Editing Pictures To Download

Zak Ben - Thursday, September 04, 2014

Before Instagram , and more generally of the social network, a picture was just a picture: the album is held or, in more recent times, inside the cell and showed to friends during dinner with friends. Unless you were professional photographers, it is not shared with strangers and especially not without also showed us present there, ready to explain the history and significance. Then came the social and everything is quickly changed the picture began to travel around the world without their author and also there alongside the caption that the photographer himself wrote on Facebook or elsewhere, often in danger of being lost in the repeated shares. From here it was necessary to be able to write directly on the photo, so that did not lead to the loss of resharing message to the picture you want to attach: the meme , if you think about it, they found their luck in this and in ease - thanks to special web app - in achieving them. On mobile devices, there are dozens of applications that allow you to engrave inscriptions on their photographs, in a more or less simple and catchy. We have analyzed a long line to try to spot the five that, at present, are in our view the most interesting, flexible and therefore worthy of being recommended: here they are, with all their main characteristics.

5 Most anticipated USA TV series of the 2014-2015

Zak Ben - Wednesday, September 03, 2014

You can not even say that the summer is ending, because this year seems to be not even begun; but surely Autumn is coming and as always the schools, the rains and the work leading startup even the new television season, in which the various broadcasters around the world to try something new to offer to their viewers. Since the slope fiction best products that are broadcast on our channels are derived almost exclusively from the United States, we decided to take a look at the schedules that are to start in the coming weeks and ask, through one of our usual polls, an opinion about what are the series that nose seem more interesting. As you will see, the results show a clear success of the projects in some way taken from the comics, but there are also different series and the more you play on the feelings: Let's find out together from the fifth position and then proceeding to the first.

+50 Best Halloween Costumes Funny Kids Men Women Ever

Zak Ben - Wednesday, September 03, 2014
The Halloween costumes of celebrities are always original, and we could not show you the most interesting. Halloween is one of the most popular festivals in the Anglo-Saxon countries and the star often decide long before it will be their outfits for the night of witches and ghosts and if they do made ​​to measure, especially for a night only! They organize party pharaonic but, above all, are competing to wear the dress more original and gorgeous. If you still have no idea what to wear just to try to inspire celebrities who adore this macabre feast, which, by now, has conquered United States.

If there is a character in the international star system that has been able to own this feast one hundred percent, this is definitely Heidi Klum . The festivals organized by former supermodel for Halloween, in fact, are really famous and every year to impress his guests, sported bizarre and unusual costumes . Impossible not to remember it when it assumed the form of a transformer red and fuchsia or, when, riding a brown horse, turned into a dark version of Lady Godiva . Among the most curious are those of Marc Jacobs who, with his overwhelming irony, played the role of a cheerleader and also a funny and irreverent, furry character. Amazing the idea of Brooke Shields that, in a recent edition of the festival, chose to turn in Uncle Fester and dress her two daughters from Morticia Addams! I must say, never seen a picture of the family so well done!
If the proposals of some celebrities, such as the model Carmen Kass transformed into the diva of Pulp Fiction, were funny, other stars were exaggerating proposing began in questionable taste. And 'the case of Kim Kardashian whose Halloween costumes, Little Red Riding Hood in the DC Comics character Poison Ivy , are becoming more succinct and a little 'vulgar. Fall Style for director Sofia Coppola , immortalized with a Red Indian costume perhaps more suited to the Carnival rather than Halloween. Really amazing the solution adopted by the beautiful Kate Beckinsale and her husband, director Len Wiseman, who became in Mr. Frankenstein and his wife.

Among the funniest costumes are those of the protagonist of the TV series Pretty Little Liars. If Ashley Benson rips a laugh conciandosi as Tweedledee or Tweedledum, Mrs Lucy Hale affects everyone with a dress really funny and weird at the same time. With a top and skirt fuchsia, pink hair orecchiette with multicolor, as well as furry boots, the pretty brunette has turned into a unicorn, and pose just as great horse.
Among the most sensual sure there's Stacy Keibler , the last woman to George Clooney, who is dressed in top version of Black Swan, complete with a mask worked. The white version was played by Lea Michele, star of Glee, but, although the dress is perfect, little convincing with this set . Christina Aguilera instead exaggerates with a version of the medieval queen among the hot punk and utter trash. Do not believe us? Look at the photo gallery and find out for yourself!

Video Jennifer Lawrence naked on the web Pictures HOT

Zak Ben - Monday, September 01, 2014
A flaw in the system of iCloud has allowed a hacker to get hold of all the private photos of the star: the photos on the web hard to Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and many other Hollywood stars.

If you believe that your mobile phone can be a safe place to keep private photos that tell of nights of passion and unbridled desires, you're probably wrong. Jennifer Lawrence , Kirsten Dunst and many other Hollywood stars are finding themselves facing a very delicate issue , namely the dissemination of their photos on the internet hard because of a bug, a flaw in the system of iCloud, Apple's platform where you keep all the data of the devices of the bitten apple. Currently the story, which is causing great sensation, is under close observation by the competent authorities. The photos are making the rounds of the web, from various Tumblr for any type of blog, is a topic on Reddit "hot trend" while TMZ, the famous American gossip site, announced that the hacker who stole the photos would put contact us to find a buyer.

5 Most Beautiful Women In The History Of Cinema

Zak Ben - Sunday, August 31, 2014
Of all the media, cinema is perhaps the one that shows more than any other power of suggestion with regard to the spectators: for some alchemy, the image projected on the big screen manages to scare, to fall in love and engage much more easily than than they do television, photography or art, and, moreover, several essays and even films themselves (one of all, The Purple Rose of Cairo , but also, in the most tragic tones, the classic Sunset Boulevard ) investigated several times this mystery.

From the early days of cinema, indeed, an element that has benefited from the magical aura was the feminine beauty, often used by filmmakers and architect of the success or failure of various commercial films: so we had the stars who have made dreams of entire generations, from Jean Harlow to Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich to Ingrid Bergman, Lauren Bacall Katharine Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, up to the latest Winona Ryder, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie or Natalie Portman. Hard to say what were the biggest and the most beautiful. We have chosen five of them - we have not mentioned in our list, not to spoil the surprise - among those who, it seems, have marked the most the popular imagination with their charm and their lives, as well as their acting. Here they are.
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