The science fiction films , is one of the genres most popular and followed ever. Years went by and with the increase of the special effects this kind is becoming more innovative and appreciated, so as to leave the audience breathless.

Science fiction movies are a lot and find the right positions to make a ranking is really difficult, but attending the web you can find lots of lists of films that have remained unforgotten. We chose some of the science fiction movies most beloved of all time, considered by far the best. 
Let's find out all positions!


1 - Metropolis (1927) : in a metropolis at two levels in 2026 a group of workers who work as slaves are encouraged to revolt by a female robot built by a scientist who wants revenge on John Fredersen, ruler of the city.

2 to 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) : we are in 2001 and discovered the moon is an object of intelligent origin, so the astronauts on missions to Jupiter and the latest generation of computer HAL 9000 supervises their work.

3 - Blade Runner (1982) : We are in 2019 when a police officer specializing in hunting androids is dispatched to kill five refugees replicants on Earth.

4 - Alien (1979) : the crew of the Nostromo began to investigate a transmission from a desolate planet and discovers the presence of an alien life form that is generated in the womb of a human being.

5 - Brazil (1985) : An employee accepts a promotion to Department information in order to track down a woman who appeared to him in a dream and he fell in love.

6 - Stalker (1979) : the fall of a meteorite caused extraordinary effects in an area near a city center in which you can get only with the help of the stalker.

7 - ET The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) : During a visit to Earth aliens are caught and one of them gets left behind by mistake. The alien is hosted in his home by a child, Elliott, and between the two become close friends.

8 - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) : Darth Vader and the Imperial army attacked the planet Hoth and destroyed his base.

9 - Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) : an alien spacecraft is coming to Earth and strange light signals confirm it. Experts NASA locate the point where the meeting will take place and, despite the take hidden, some people will find it normal, driven by curiosity to witness the arrival of the aliens.

10 - The Terminator (1984) : we are in 2029, and a computer is struggling against a group of human resistance, after destroying humanity many years before. The computer sends one of his warriors in the past, the cyborg Terminator to kill Sarah Connor, mother of the leader of the resistance, let it be born. But Sarah is protected by Kyle Reese.

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