+30 Best Movies To Watch in 2015 (LIST) Upcoming

Filed under basically the 2015 final (we did with our Top of the Year), a site like topbestbox can only turn his attention to the coming year and to cinema that awaits us. 

The 2015, in fact, promises to be rich in satisfactions for cinema buffs, already starting from one month of January that debuted with big names such as Clint Eastwood, Tim Burton, Russell Crowe, Julianne Moore, Ridley Scott, Saverio Costanzo, Mike Leigh, Benedict Cumberbatch and many others.
We then asked our editors to "adopt", to sponsor five films apiece (obviously no duplication in their Quintet) to draw a map of the most anticipated films of 2015, a list of 30 titles that, more than others, we can't wait to see and evaluate. 

Mad Max: Fury Road 

The Mad Max trilogy is one of the best post apocalyptic worlds of cinema. It was 1979 when George Miller gave a different dimension to the Australian desert with toxic style, hardcore punk and extreme metal madness in the eyes of Mel Gibson is perfect for the role. But there is nothing nostalgic that push to insert in the wish list of 2015 Mad Max: Fury Road. The first teaser images of the forth-told that climate that would be expected in 2000 passed, with an update of toxic, hardcore punk and extreme metal madness in the eyes of Tom Hardy could be perfect that the role. If then is always George Miller to direct, the better. 


Are now decades that finished seeing a film by Martin Scorsese one wonders when you get the next. And even after The Wolf of Wall Street, which is a biographical film a bit too long with a story below the extent of Director (but still made with mastery), the desire to know what will come is more alive than ever. Silence tells of a Portuguese Jesuit who in 1600 goes to Japan to investigate the alleged formal abandonment of religion from his mentor and becomes a witness of the persecutions against the Christians. A story much to Scorsese 's reach. 

Knight of Cups 

Have no limitations in being meticulous is a virtue (or a disease) that few have. But those few, if they are, filmmakers can tap the excellence by producing images that can vibrate every emotional chord in the audience. Stanley Kubrick was one of these. Terrence Malick is another. With Knight of Cups has spent more than a year in the Assembly room, refining the story of a man with his temptations, the celebrity and excesses. More is not known, except that the man is played by Christian Bale, joined by Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett. 

The Neon Demon 

What might happen if Nicolas Winding Refn went to get my hands in the horror genre? Anyone who has seen his films responds instantly entering into fibrillation. Because the Danish Director, taste and Visual disgust have equal appeal. His cinema knows how to seduce the Viewer, solleticandone receptors and sent into a tailspin the taste buds. Refn torchiando directs the characters in contexts where they move (while it is psychologically by love in pressed Drive, Ryan Gosling squeezes in turn bad head) and if there is a common feature of horror movies, that's just the fury on the characters. With The Neon Demon, also described as a sexy thriller, there will be no by become frightened. There will be fear (which we like). 

The Revenant 

If there is a cavernous human introspection, Alejandro González Iñárritu even takes into account. For the Mexican filmmaker the stories begin in the characters and, eventually, they spread around them. The Revenant, from the novel by Michael Punke, is a western thriller that tells the story of a dying man, injured by a bear and left to its fate by those who traveled with him. However, he survives and that abandonment will Digest only after finding those traitors who believed friends to make him pay. Survival, redemption and revenge. It's enough to insert the film among the most anticipated? If not, it's good to know that the man in question is played by Leonardo DiCaprio and between the infidels there is Tom Hardy. And now what do we do? 

Procedural defect 

High expectations of the new film by Paul Thomas Anderson, great choral story teller, back to work with quick-change artist Joaquin Phoenix and with another of his wonderful cast. Icing on the cake, this time, the source in the funny, strafumata and psychedelic detective story written by the mysterious Thomas Pynchon, against the backdrop of the 1970 Los Angeles still in shock to the murders in the Manson Family. 

Avengers-Age of Ultron 

We are sure to be in good company in the almost spasmodic waiting for this movie, which already from the trailer promises ... well, apocalyptic. Sorry for the absence by Loki, but we are sure that Joss Whedon, with his love for comics and his sense of irony, we will not regret the first overwhelming chapter of the adventures of the mythical team Marvel superheroes. 

The Hateful Eight 

We have read a draft of the screenplay (in short, someone did), followed the various reactions of disdain and Quentin Tarantino to happen and tried to see that relief at the end if it is not felt to abandon a project that was very much at heart. Already a Tarantino film is an event in itself, but a western claustrophobic and bad in the splendor of a 70 mm widescreen. promises to be a true and indisputable masterpiece. 


The so-called minor characters of Marvel have always fascinated us, in some cases even more of the superheroes superstar. By Ant-Man in particular, hero of the infinitely small driving an army of ants, we would have much liked to see the talented British adaptation of Edgar Wright. But since it will not, however, the curiosity to find out what will did Peyton Reed, best known for his comedies that for anything else. 


We were electrocuted by the film debut of this talented South African with a passion for social-political science fiction, we shared the negative criticism in his first American film, Elysium, consistent with the speech started with District 9, and therefore we expect a lot from this Chappie, who promises to be even more exciting and spectacular precedents. Because Neill Blomkamp is one that goes straight on his way, cares about trends and budgets and always manages to surprise us with the originality of his vision. We will have to wait until the end of March to see it, but we can't take watching on youtube short that is served by inspiration, Tetra Vaal. 

Jupiter-the fate of the universe 

The Wachowskis fall always and everything, but I adored that crazy project that was Cloud Atlas and in this new film revived again with a history of science fiction about a predestined. Curious to see how far one of the most improved players of recent times, Channing Tatum. 

Inside Out 

The Pixar is simply the production company from average quality better than ever. After too many sequels Inside Out could get them back to the levels of their masterpieces. Ambitious attempt to personify the human emotions, and emotions if they wish. 

Star Wars: the awakening of the force 

The stories that you've grown yourself the ports behind forever. In my case this is why review a new adventure of Star Wars that can wash the shame of terrible new Lucas trilogy makes me salivate. I don't know about you, but when I hear the theme of Empire climb me palpitations. 


The television shows rarely gave convincing adaptations, but this project the look of anxiety who applauded the series as one of the most funny, irreverent and even credible ever made on the film world seen from behind the scenes. 


The new film by Brad Bird, who directed the iron giant and The Incredibles the wait with trepidation by default. In addition it is written by Damon Lindelof unpredictable and is presented as the new close encounters of the third kind. The mystery artfully created around this movie amplifies the wait. 


Michael Mann is one of the greatest living directors, and each new movie an event: for us, as for many film buffs around the world. At the age of six from public enemy, the American is preparing to go back in theaters with a global cyberthriller promises for themes and features to enhance the skills and inclinations, both on the aesthetic and narrative. In the role of hackers which the US Government is aimed to stop a dangerous cyber terrorist, the muscular Chris Hemsworth, running at high speed. 


Even Todd Haynes is a great modern-day cinema. After the masterpiece I am not here and the stunning miniseries Mildred Pierce, has adapted a novel by lesbian love written by Patricia Highsmith in 1952 under a pseudonym, which wanted the stars two actresses of enormous talent as the now-veteran Cate Blanchett and the youngest but very promising Rooney Mara. 

Tale of tales 

It might seem strange to Matteo Garrone that after Gomorrah and Reality , you put it into his head to translate to film, with the support of an international cast, "Lo cunto de li cunti", a collection of fairy tales in Neapolitan language written at the beginning of the ' 600. And on the other hand, because of the taste for black and the grotesque of the Director of theEmbalmer, the film promises to be a real bomb. Ready to explode happily at the Cannes Film Festival. 

My mother 

The new film by Nanni Moretti (another title in the predicate to be presented in Cannes) you already talk like a work that evokes the style de La stanza del figlio, the more eccentric title Director production. It sends us into raptures (love more classically morettiano Moretti ) but not for this I do not look forward to with great interest and great hopes. Why always Nanni Nanni is. 


Recovered glaze since Daniel Craig to play 007 , is experiencing a new youth film. And if Yeh do not was one of the best Bond movie ever and one of the most beautiful films of the 2012 season, but also a kind of point a definitive leader over an era, we can't wait to see how the agent with a license to kill again will change the skin. Returning once again to the past, as the title leaves ben guess. 

Shaun the sheep: the movie 

Because we are still an Aardman movie that manages to reproduce the genius of their short films in a feature film. It is the right time? 

The Walk 

There is a risk of rhetoric, but the trailer for the film by Robert Zemeckis dedicated to Philippe Petit won me over with his sheer force technique. Vertigo. 


Because an earlier tribute to the history of video games, Ralph Hammer, was a first step. Setting the Ghostbusters of Pixels is a plus. 

Snoopy & Friends-movie of Peanuts 

I loved to distraction the strip, I never liked their animated version. Masochistically, are ready to consider another challenge of courageous filmmakers. I hope not in the miracle. 


Having appreciated The Others by Amenàbar, the idea of a man accused of a crime he does not remember having made the original looks more to me than it is. And are well placed to Ethan Hawke after the night of reckoning . 

The youth 

Why watch a movie by Paolo Sorrentino is an aesthetic experience, a kidnapping, a contemplation of the "beautiful". Because I'm curious about working with Michael Caine and the international cast and because I want to understand if after The great beauty there's going to be pretty much "the deluge". 

Child-the child number 44 44 

Why the novel by Tom Rob Smith from which the film is based on is mine in the top five of most beautiful thriller of the past decade. Why I can't wait to go into the secrets of Russia's 50 years and to see Tom Hardy grappling with Leo Dimidov, a police officer and sore antihero. 

Hunger Games – the song of Revolt: part 2 

To see if Katniss choose Peeta or Gale, to appease that sense of incompleteness that I felt at the end of the third film and why, in the face of Twilight and other strafamosi franchise, the saga of the Hunger Games for me is always the most exciting. 

Sea of Trees 

Why Matthew McConaughey is perhaps the greatest American actor of the moment and he didn't want to miss anything. Why a film about suicide is still a film "against" and see how Gus Van Sant has addressed the issue I'm curious about a lot. Figuring out how to move the camera of filmmaker in the famous forest of the suicides at the foot of Mount Fuji. Because I deeply fascinated by Japanese culture. 

Fifty shades of gray 

Why also who writes voyeuristio on one side and morbid. Because the book is indefensible and so you have to absolutely find out whether the film will be managed somehow to glorious finish.
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