Top 10 horrific facts of cannibalism historic

If you believe that the cannibals only existed in remote areas and away from civilization, reading these 10 stories change idea! Cannibalism is a phenomenon that most people seems repugnant and terrifying, and for this reason we tend to think that the cases are very few. Actually it is not so: here are 10 stories of cannibalism that will make you shudder.

10. The Donner expedition

The Donner expedition numbered 87 pioneers; initially remained blocked because of snow, and when rescuers found them, there were only 48. The survivors reported having eaten their companions, claiming to have done so after they were already dead.

9. by necessity you can eat a kid?

The case Regina v. Dudley and Stephens 1884 is a case that made headlines in the UK, and justice in which the Defense appealed to the idea of "necessity". It is said that four sailors found themselves in a lifeboat in the middle of the sea, without either food or water. Then Dudley and Stephens suggested that somebody sacrificed for the common good; in the absence of volunteers, killed the young boy who was in the cabin, which was only 17 years old. After being rescued, said innocent, as he had done only for survival. The Court initially sentenced them to be hanged, but then considered the reasons of defence and condemned them only 6 months in jail.

8. behave yourself or you will be eaten

It seems that at the time of the Tang dynasty, China was a corrupt officer kill common to eat its flesh, or kill criminals and tear their hearts, that few could taste supervisor official.

7. the soldiers of God can do anything

Under the protection of God, everything is permitted. And the Crusaders definitely took advantage of divine protection: being in shortage of food down their endless Crusades, feasting on freshly killed enemies probably seemed the easiest way to deal with the problem.

6. wife soup

In 1932 the Ukraine fell into a serious famine, and of course, the easiest solution to cope was to resort to human meat. It tells of a man who killed his wife and made a soup with his flesh, and of families who ate their children while they were still alive.

5. we are no longer human beings

The Canadian village of St. Francis was assaulted during the French and Indian war, in 1759. But a grisly anecdote surrounds the battle: it seems that Robert Rogers and his men, after winning the battle, driven by fury of violence and hunger of war, have fed the bodies of defeated.After the battle, in fact, one of the soldiers called him and his team as "beings who still hardly deserved the name of humans".

4. Cannibals to be winners

We have news that during the second world war in Japan prisoners of war were often killed by Japanese soldiers who plucked off their meat and ate. However, what is even more brutal is that recently revealed that sometimes the Japanese soldiers have done this ritual is not for fame, but for having a "feeling of victory."

3. Leningrad, where the children couldn't go out

Also in Leningrad, especially during the terrible siege, it surpassed the limits of the inhumane.It is said that people had to tear the posters from walls to lick the glue, and that the phenomenon of cannibalism were so high that parents do not let their children go out alone, fearing that would no longer be returned home.

2. "the great leap forward" (towards the famine)

Because of the social economic plan called "great leap forward" by Mao Tse-Tung, China came in 1959 in a terrible economic crisis, which led to a serious famine in which perished between 14 and 43 million people. We have already seen that in times of famine, despair has often prompted people to eat human flesh; in this case, it is shocking how human flesh has entered the market of food as a commodity.This even more awful is that you have evidence of the existence of trade in children between parents of different families: they knew that death would have been meeting their children, but in this way they could kill and eat someone else's son, and have lighter conscience.

1. Fried Buttocks

During the siege of Antioch and ma'arrat by the Crusaders, gruesome events occurred and macabre.It seems that the soldiers of God, that hunger had lost the gleam of reason, they were accustomed to eating the buttocks of slain enemies FRY; other times they ate the meat of the dead still raw, and is seriously sick. Other sources claim that the Christian soldiers eat children, the narrow spit.
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