10 cities to visit In 2015 With Best quality/price ratio

The "good value for money" is a pipe dream that all travellers seek. The Best Value City Index is a ranking compiled by Trivago, the largest search engine of hotels in the world (daily compares over 700 ' 000 prices of different hotels), which brings together the 100 best cities to visit in Europe with the best quality/price ratio. In the ranking for the coming year, fall within the top 50 three pearls of Italy: Lecce won the 36th position, Pompeii the Alberobello 37th and the 49th. Trivago, to rank the cities, has used a particular index, which takes into account various criteria, including the minimum number of hotels for the designated target and minimum pricing of accommodations located in the same city. Here are the top ten.

10. Pingyao – China

Pingyao is a town located in the Shanxi province. Is 700 miles from Beijing and is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage site. Famous are its walls, still well preserved, and the famous buildings dating back to the Ming dynasty and Ping. Its index is equal to 96.39%.

9. Arequipa-Peru

With index equal to 96.40% (the same result if it wins even Kaliningrad), after Lima is the most populous city of Peru. The city, which lies on the slopes of a volcano is no longer active, is also a UNESCO list.

8. Kaliningrad – Russia

7. Ouarzazate-Morocco

Its beauty has fascinated filmmakers from around the world, which they used as a backdrop for their films. Its colors are unforgettable, say travelers who return from this town.

6. Amritsar-India

Located in the State of Punjab and is the home of the famous Golden Temple. It has a population of about 1 million inhabitants and is an important center of the sikh religion.

5. Szeged-Hungary

It ranks in third place among the larger cities of Hungary. Home to one of the most impportanti theatres in the country. Its index is 96.53%.

4. Plovdiv-Bulgaria

Philip II of Macedon renamed it Filippopili. Hosts numerous archaeological remains, including a forum, a hippodrome and a Roman Theatre.

3. Lijiang – China

With 96.99% of index, is located in Yunnan province and is famous for its canal system, which distributes the water to the whole city. These channels have led to the construction of many bridges, that ogggi are a hallmark of Lijiang.

2. Novi Sad-Serbia

Is the second largest city in Serbia, situated on the banks of the beautiful blue Danube. It is an important cultural center.

1. Mostar-Bosnia

Is situated on the Neretva River and its index is equal to 97.37%. Its name comes from the ponte vecchio and from the towers on both sides, custodians of the bridge and the city.
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