Top 10 Future Chinese Leader

If the 20th century has been marked by American power, the 21st century will be of Chinese power. After intensive research the World Bank stated that the money is in the hands of the emerging countries, such as China, where a new class of super rich is ready to invest abroad, and the results you see. It is not only an economic issue, because the Chinese artistic minds are ready to spread their creations worldwide. The Beijing cinema in recent years has won the critic's opinion and novels, of course, Made in China, can become the next bestseller. Also in the field of social sciences, State-of-the-art teachers defy the Government by proposing ideas to improve the social well-being of China.

In the new landscape of China, women, become leaders, creating brand names known worldwide. This ranking lists the 10 Chinese personalities that could become international leaders!

10. Pony Ma

Pony technology But is the King of Chinese internet. CEO of Tencent, the company that has financed numerous web channels including social networks, portals and e-commerce services. Fourth largest internet companies in the world, after Google, Amazon and eBay. He built an empire of social communication, creating online gaming services with 600 million users. Pony but would like to expand his empire, the next projects: direct WeChat.

9. Jonathan Lu

In 2000 he joined Alibaba Group, a leading company in the field of e-commerce. The private Chinese company, operates mainly in China and by 2011 has been included in Forbes magazine's most important companies. Lu, took the place of founder Jack Ma.

8. Wang Fengying

Managing Director of Great Wall Motor Company. It is an unusual leader in China for two reasons, the first is that a woman, and the second reason is his main quality, or patience. Unlike Chinese leaders men, pointing to the production speed, has taken his time and has built a brand Made in China, from scratch.

7. Zong Qinghou

Zong, in addition to being one of the richest men in China, is an entrepreneur, founder, Chairman and CEO of the Hangzhou Wahaha group, the beverage company learder in China. Is the King of drinks, has spread the Coca Cola in his country.

6. Zou Shiming

In 2008 he won the Olympic gold in boxing. A kind of sport that has never been encouraged by the Government. Now that turned professional is ready to participate in his next fight.

5. Guan Tianlang

Amateur Guan Tianlang of China hits his tee shot on the second hole during second round play in the 2013 Masters golf tournament in Augusta

Guan was born in 1998, but in a short time became the youngest golfer to compete in international competitions. In a sport that has never received any support from the Government, regarded by the party as a sport too bourgeois, the young golfer starts to become known for his willpower.

4. Wang Anyi

In the field of art and entertainment, Wang is a writer of modern Chinese literature I. In 2011 was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize with his novel The Song of Sorrow Everlastig. Environmental history in 1940, about the adventures of a girl born in Shanghai workers.

3. Jia Zhangke

Director, writer, and producer of China. At the Cannes Film Festival of 2013 has won the award for best screenplay with the film "A touch of Sin". The Director of China fought a hard battle, to create movies that are approved by Chinese censors.

2. Yu Jianrong

Yu is a professor at the Chinese Academy of social sciences and a leading scholar in the field of social sciences. Big issues addresses political, economic and social. His ideas could change and improve China. In 2011 has created a blog against the kidnapping of minors.

1. Han Han

Just thirty years Han is a writer, musician and record producer in China. He is also the most popular blogger in China. The blog he created 300 million access counter. His six novels, are the most widely read books in China. The book "Three Doors to Death " is considered, even in United States, a masterpiece of Chinese fiction. The writer tells China from an unusual point of view.
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