Top Universities in the World 2014 [Rank]

University of dreams, those which, if accepted, it seems they can change the course of life. Here they are, the top 800 institutions in the world in 2013, according to the QS World University Ranking published September 10 by the agency of international rankings, before deciding, it visiona 3000. Few surprises as far as the top 3: Once again we find the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Harvard and Cambridge. 

The top ten are all the States and the UK, which can still boast the most competitive educational systems of the earth. But there are also some surprises: compared to 2007, as many as 64 of the 83 American universities among the top 400 are down position. Asian institutions have instead climbed the charts: 70% of the 62 universities have improved their performance.

As for Italy, as well as the University of Bologna, distinguish the Sapienza in Rome, Università Bocconi, Milan Polytechnic, the University of Milan and Pisa. Bocconi, in particular, rising 17 positions compared to a year ago, ranking social sciences and management and in Europe comes ninth. In all, 26 Italian universities entering the top 800 universities in the world, with 4 new Milan Bicocca, Roma Tre University University of Brescia and Verona.

The ranking comes just days after another list, that of the Times Higher Education that ranks 33rd place at Bocconi and the Wisdom to 32nd among universities in the world better able to train managers (counting done based on the number of graduates CEO each university).

1 Massacchussetts Institute of Tehnology (MIT), USA
2 Harvard University, USA
3 Cambridge, UK
5 Imperial College, UK
6 University of Oxford, UK
7 Stanford, USA
9 University of Chicago, USA
10 California Institute of Technology, USA
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